Effective treatment inspires measurable positive change.  My practice provides collaborative, results-oriented therapy that is focused on helping individuals and couples develop the emotional tools and life skills necessary to achieve their goals, get the most out of their relationships and ultimately take responsibility for their personal growth and happiness.
        My specialty is in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, an evidenced-based treatment for people who have difficulty managing their emotions, relationships, and behaviors.  Since June 2017, I am the first and only Linehan Board Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist in Miami. I am also trained in The Gottman Method for couples seeking a skills-oriented, psychoeducational approach.  With 40 years of research to support efficacy, The Gottman Method provides the direction and structure needed to move couples out of conflict and back toward connection. My style of therapy utilizes empirically based interventions in a warm, playful and transparent manner.  When appropriate, I teach mindfulness and behavior change strategies to promote psychological flexibility as well as overall well-being.
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